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5 Things Vendors Want you to Know!

Your wedding pros want what’s best for you but also want you to be realistic and wise, believe it or not. Contrary to popular belief, most wedding vendors prefer to be more of an ally rather than a financial foe. Most of us are living vicariously through our clients, falling in love with every detail of the planning process just as you are. Let’s get into a few things your wedding vendors won’t tell you, but really wish you knew! I’m not saying they don’t ever tell you these things on purpose, but certain things might not be divulged right off the bat. It is our hope that by knowing these few tidbits, your experience of working with wedding vendors will be way better if it isn’t already!

IN OUR WORLD, WEEKENDS DON’T EXIST…LIKE EVER Of course weekends exist for you, but unfortunately, not for wedding vendors. Those who work in the wedding industry give up weekends and holidays to ensure your day goes perfectly, which is why prices are at a premium. Typically, wedding activities (engagement parties, bridal showers, rehearsals, ceremonies) happen primarily between Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If you are requesting a meeting during the weekend, chances are good that you probably won’t be able to get one, and that’s the nicest way to put it. If you’re emailing/calling during the weekend, you might not get an immediate response either.

Ask yourself this: Do you want your vendors answering emails and phone calls and taking meetings on your wedding day? I know I wouldn’t!

Tip: For the sake of avoiding assumptions, ask the wedding pro for their availability for meetings. We really like this! 

A VENDOR’S PRODUCT/SERVICE IS THEIR LIVELIHOOD The sad/harsh/painful/honest reality is that a wedding vendor’s profession is immediately classified into a different “category” than say, an accountant or a realtor. But just because they’re providing you with a service or product related to your wedding, doesn’t mean that they’re any different than that accountant or realtor. Vendors charge what they charge, and they charge it for a reason. Wedding pros are very laborious and take pride in doing so. If you have to, ask, but don’t barter or try to talk them down.

Always remember this: it’s truly how they’re putting food on the table, not just fun and games!


There, we said it!

If you’re like most couples that are trying to pay for a wedding, you flinch every time you hear the cost of wedding cakes, flowers or planning services. It’s normal, and most wedding professionals are used to it, but it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be addressed. Wedding vendors work extremely hard. Most are small business owners and depend on their talents, such as photography or culinary skills, to pay the bills.

It’s true in the wedding industry that price is an indicator of quality. That doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive caterer is the best, but you should be wary of those who low-ball or offer specials that seem too good to be true and NEVER EVER sacrifice quality for cost. It might come back to haunt you in the long run if you’re too stingy. Plus, this is your one and only wedding, let’s get it right the first time.


Do you feel confident in the choices you’ve made for wedding vendors? If so, then give yourself a pat on the back and relax.

No consultation, contract or even payment of service equates to the value of knowing that their client has the utmost confidence in their abilities. Trust is the basis for all relationships, and you should trust your wedding professionals to the fullest to make your wedding day amazing!


On the day of your wedding, you should be focused on your hair, makeup, gown and all of that till-death-do-you-part business. Wedding pros, specifically wedding planners are there to handle any last-minute crises that pop up.

A top-notch planner WILL finesse any situation, from too-short tux hems to wilted floral arrangements to missing flower girls, while keeping the bride’s stress level down as low as possible. When interviewing a potential planner, be sure to ask them for examples of such last-minute issues and how they handled them. Their response should provide a clear picture of their ability to cover your bases on your big day. Remember, no guts, no glory!

Wedding planning can be a tricky, detail-filled business that some brides choose to leave to the pros. While many wedding pros adopt a “don’t ask, don’t tell” way of operating, it’s usually in the best interest of the client. All in all, your wedding day is an investment, probably one of the biggest ones you will ever make. Treat your vendors the way you would want and should already be treated.

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