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5 Ways to put the FUN back into Wedding Planning

Planning a memorable wedding of your dreams can easily have you engulfed with making sure your event has all the bells and whistles. Between the dress, and selection of the rings alone it is easy for one to feel overwhelmed with all the upcoming decisions.  Such as, will guest enjoy the catering options selected, will the venue comfortably hold the hundreds of guest we invited, did we put everything we wanted on our registry? It is easy to get caught up in the idea of a fancy wedding and all the trappings. It is all about the dress, the ring, the food. On this special day you don't want to remember the stressful details and planning that went into it. Here are five tips to keep your wedding simple and meaningful:

  1. Keep it simple. The bond you will be creating with your beloved is what the event is about. Trim down the trappings to the essence of the day. Separate the fantasy from the reality and create a workable budget and make sure the focus in on your new union.

  2. Remember that the wedding is for the two of you. Even if your parents are paying for your wedding keep in mind that it is still your day. If they insist on paying- be thankful but clear that this is your wedding. Set a simple budget and establish loving ground rules for what the day. Family may want certain traditions included but make it is what you both want.

  3. Reduce the guest list. Weddings can be expensive with food and drinks, estimations compare the catering hall solely adds up to a downpayment on a home. A simple fix to reduce the cost is trimming down the guest list. Discuss which couple of attendants can be eliminated from the guest list. Narrowing down may be hard, but think about who you would want  to attended the most.

  4. Hire a Wedding Planner. They specialize with solidifying every detail, confirming schedules and request with all vendors, completely taking the pressure off your shoulders. Imagine not having to worry if the DJ has the correct address and setup in the right location, while you reflect and  prepare for your walk down the aisle. Wedding planners give the peace of mind of being the eyes and ears to execute a flawless ceremony.

  5. Wear comfortable shoes. After the ceremony and photos a quick slip into something a little relaxing will change the day for the better. Brides can wear heels for the service and change into decent and great looking flats or fashionable sneakers for the dinner or reception. The groom should break in his shoes before the day. Happy feet mean a happy couple. Your day will be really memorable if you are not in pain.

Spend some time with your beloved and discuss your expectations for the wedding day and the marriage to follow. When you know what want to have it will be much easier to plan a wedding that represents your love and commitment to each other.

Best Wishes & Happy Planning!



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