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Don't Forget the Baby Shower Favors!

The tradition of throwing a baby shower has been around for centuries. No matter how times have changed and practices differ from culture to another, the main purpose of celebrating a baby shower remains the same: to welcome a new little bundle of joy as well as to honor the expectant parents-to-be.

Giving favors to the guests is one easy way to make sure that everyone will leave the party venue with a smiling face. Party favors are small gifts that will be given to all the guests as a token of gratitude. There are various occasions where these little tokens are handed, including baby showers. Organizing a baby shower can be very fun and exciting, but there's a few things that one should keep in mind when it comes to baby shower favors.

When choosing the right baby shower favors, a hostess should keep in mind the type of baby shower she will be hosting. Such event can be either formal or less formal, depending on the expectant parent's desire. She can plan a shower following a creative and fun theme of cartoons, fairytale, sports, jungle or etc. Whatever the theme may be, it is a must to find and select the appropriate favors, which will complete the entire celebration.

Cookies are another inexpensive option you can give to the guests. If you are good at baking, you can really save a lot by baking homemade cookies. Making homemade cookie favors can be so much fun and creative. You can cut your cookies into different cute shapes and have them embellished with frosting on the top. Or, they can be personalized with messages or quotes. Cookie favors are often packaged in a nice paper bag, small baskets, or small boxes.

In terms of practicality, nothing beats candles. Candle favors have been around for so many years and up to now, they still darn kicking! They come in a vast range of colors, shapes and scents to choose from. You can also find floating candles that are very much popular nowadays. Candle baby shower favors can be customized according to whatever theme you want for the baby shower.






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