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Does it cost me anything to have a profile page on R52.WORLD?

NO. Profiles pages are free.

How are you different than traditional fundraising processes?

We take more of a Community apprach to helping Causes with our factory resources. Cuases and Communities benefit. With a traditional fundraiser, your Cause has to spend a tremendous amount of money to buy risky products that always leave you with unnecessary inventory.

Utilize an online program like Warrior52 to presell products to your supporters. We take more of a Community apprach to helping Cause. Cuases and Communities benefit.

How does a Cause make money?

When a supporter purchases a Cause product on R52.WORLD, we donate part of the proceeds to a Cause and Commuity programs.

A Cause can also purchase products at wholesale costs.

Profit = Price customer pays minus - your wholesale costs.

How can I earn free products and services from R52.World?

Sign up for our reward points program.

You can earn free things such as custom shirts by spreading you message around the world.

How can I earn free product sample kits?

You can earn free samples by participating in our rewards program.

We have multiple ways you can earn more points towards free samples.

How does shipping work?

You have two choices: Option 1) We coordinate all shipments to an area with our Chapter Leaders. Chapter Leaders will coordinate getting your products to you. We take care of the shipping costs around the world. We hire people in the Revolutions 52 Community to deliver. Option 2) A Cause can save a little money by picking up at R52 Warehouses and Distribution Locations.

Where can Water be shipped?

Our shipping partners can get your products worldwide.

Can I sell water 365 days a year?


Can an individual sell water? or do I have to be a 501c3 Charity?

Individuals can sell water for any Cuase they have. You are not required to be a chirty. Anyone can sell water for a Cause. Example: You might be an Athlete trying to raise money to compete across the country at an event.