We are Cross the T's Event Co. and we are so glad to meet you.


We pride ourselves for having the reputation that we have in our industry. Part of our praise goes to the amazing professionals we have been blessed to work with along the way.

Tampa is so full of such amazing talent and we are always eager to learn who all is out there and how they can serve our clients. Though, as you can imagine, we have a process for getting to know you prior to referring you to our clients.



Join our database. Fill out THIS form so we have your contact information on file.

 If you haven’t already, send us your marketing materials. Send us anything you’d send an inquiry. Let us know your pricing, your process, your ideal client and how you think that aligns with our ideal client! Also, if you have forms you like clients to fill out, a process for working with planners, etc- we want to know about that too! Are you a venue? Can you send your inventory list, layouts and criteria for working in your space? As a policy, we do not sign agreements with vendors/venues, accept kickbacks, or offer discounts of our services.

We prefer digital kits vs printed kits.

Anything sent to our address is typically thrown away. Sadly, even treats as most of us are gluten free and some dairy free. You don’t have to schmooze us, though. We know it’s expensive. And truthfully, we maintain minimal lifestyles and value low waste living BUT, what we most love is a good website and Instagram feed, a professional email address, and a quality vendor that becomes a friend! We also love coffee, wine, chocolate and spa days, if anyone is keeping note. HA!


Track us down at the next open house!

We do our best to be present or at least have someone present at as many networking events as we can. If you’re hosting one, let us know. You can include our whole team with

We encourage vendors to host planner events.

Gathering more than one of us at a time is fruitful in a lot of ways + it’s really efficient for you! We learn from other planners what they have liked about your services, how they’ve used them and how it all went! It also allows us to hear more specifically from you while catching up with others in the industry. Two birds with one stone!


Do you have a product we can test ourselves?

I can tell so much just by doing family photos with a photographer. Tasting your food is important. Sitting in your photobooth is fun! How can we experience what you have to offer?


We need to see you in action!

We host a few vendor sponsored events each year so if you are interested in participating, let us know and we can keep you in the Rolodex. These events typically are venue open houses or styled shoots.


Speaking of styled shoots,

we do not invest time in these without contracts from each vendor and a very very clear map and direction of all responsibilities, who is taking ownership and a clear budget. Cross the T's Event Company does not invest financially in styled shoots at this time but is happy to consider the coordination of shoots via an application process.


We host our own vendor gathering once a quarter and only invite new or new to us talent as a means of focusing on those we haven’t yet met or spent much time with! These are come and go events during normal business hours on a week day. If you’d like to be included in the next meet up, let us know!

If you have a product that is small enough to bring with you, we’d love to see it!


Truth be told, we rarely go to coffee with even our most trusted and loyal vendors just due to time. We know the value and we certainly make it happen. But we do need to develop a relationship and be sure we align prior to investing a lot of personal one on one time. If I had it my way, I’d just spend my work day in one coffee date after another because they are usually the best kind of work days, but alas, those sweet clients are paying us to respond to their emails and duty calls.

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