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Awful Wedding Planning Advice you Shouldn't Take

We reached out to some of our couples getting married recently to share some of the WORST advice they’ve received while planning their wedding.

Being newly engaged has many advantages. The moment announce your engagement people LOVE to offer unsolicited “nuggets of wisdom” and immediately become wedding planning connoisseurs. Most of the tidbits received are extremely helpful, like how to make an appointment for bridal fittings. Then there’s those not so thought out notes that make you want to just say hmmm… We reached out to some of our couples getting married recently to share some of the WORST advice they’ve received while planning their wedding.

“The wedding planning process is about you and your future spouse. It should be a shared process.”

Hate to break it to you but if planning outfits for the work week isn’t you or your partner's strong suit, there’s a huge possibility that planning a wedding 6-9 months out won’t be either. The best way to tackle this monstrous round of “Whose Wedding is it Anyway?” is by gauging early on, what each other’s interests are. For example, you may be marrying a fashionista, they might want to take the lead in the color palette selection for the bridal party and décor options. The last thing you want to do is pressure one another and be at odds. Planning a wedding can be stressful but it also offers opportunity to bring partners closer together.

“You can do it ALL by yourself!”

Pro: We couldn’t agree more. DIY’ing your big day not only saves you money but also allows you total 100% control of your day.

Con: You physically, beyond a shadow of doubt, no matter how hard you try, CANNOT be in two places at one time; and by two places, we are being generous. When it all boils down to it, if you can trust that someone will be at the end of the altar waiting for you, have a little faith that the vendors you’ve paid will come through and take care of everything.

“Just send them an invitation in good faith. It’s their choice whether they come or not.”

Listen carefully and repeat after me, YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO INVITE ANYONE TO YOUR WEDDING THAT YOU DON’T FEEL DESERVES TO BE THERE. Even if you do decide to go the courteous route, always assume everyone you invite WILL SHOW UP. The underlying guilt and awkward conversation will be much easier to stomach once you’ve considered the added cost that you avoided on account of “going with your gut” – Stand firm in your ‘NO’.

“Seat all of the guests at random so that everyone can meet someone new.”

There is an upside to this and there can be complete dismay waiting at your doorstep. The reception itself offers tons of opportunity to bring new people together and spark interesting conversation, i.e. on the dance floor, cocktail hour, etc. Try to avoid placing anyone at a table with no one else they know, and spare everyone the stress of worrying over your guests comfort levels.

“Get what you and your spouse want to eat and feed everyone else chicken fingers or sandwiches.”

There are two things that wedding guests will never forget—the dress and the food! If you take nothing else away from this blog, know that your guest will remember everything about their meal, from the plate it was served on to the napkin they will eventually ruin with stains of sheer enjoyment or disdain based on what you are serving. Think of it like this, you and your future spouse are going to a fancy 5-star restaurant and want to invite friend and loved ones that you don’t mind footing the bill for. Well these are your guests of honor, you want to treat them right! We like to help our clients find the right caterer to prepare a menu within your budget rather than skimping on the meal.

Planning a wedding is going to be the most stressful, interesting, fun, exciting time of your life. Throughout the process you will come across some of the strangest offerings of advice to guide you and we hope the information we shared shattered a few myths, shed some new perspective or at least made you smile. Overall, your main priority should be the union of you and your partner because that’s what matters most.

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